The dangerous nationalism of Julius Malema

I have recently been spending a lot of time in the South African political and economic history books. It grinds me to the bone that we have swam through such a bloody river to get where we are, just to sit back with hands folded and have such an apathetic attitude towards the issues in our country . We are faced with challenges of poverty, unemployment, high levels of corruption and low levels of service delivery. The dangers of Julius’ Nationalistic ideas are evident.

All South Africans should be staying informed and starting to think for themselves. The youth should think about the future they want for South Africa: The kind of South Africa they want to work in, and want to raise their their kids in. They should start acting like they care about the history that got us here, and how to better this country.

We should not be fighting each other, we should be fighting together for a better future.

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No laughing matter: nationalism is a dangerous game Photo: Refilwe Modise No laughing matter: Nationalism is a dangerous game. Photo: Refilwe Modise (The Citizen)

It’s ironic that Julius Malema, in his first speech in parliament yesterday, would reference Louis Botha, the first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa. Here is what Mr Malema had to say about Botha:

This elite pact is reflected by the fact that the most prominent statue in this Parliament, is a statue of Louis Botha, and the one of Nelson Mandela is very small and is hidden behind the statue of Louis Botha. Louis Botha is not our Hero and cannot be a Hero of a democratic South Africa. He is a colonial warmonger, who fought for the exclusion of black and indigenous people from running their own country and affairs. Its people like this who made white South Africans think they are superior and if we continue celebrating them, we are equally…

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