All you need is love, or do you?

I spy

On 7 July 1965, “The Beatles”gave a voice to the unsung, silent desire of almost every human being, when they released their smashing single “All you need is love”.

Or did they?

I am not saying that being in-love, married or in some sort of relationship is the ultimate pinnacle of happiness, but most people do seem to long for “that someone” or “that feeling”.

Romance leaves its fingerprints quite clearly for all to see: A girlfriend will have that spark in her eye, talk about him all the time. Your mate will buy her flowers, send her texts, stay home because she asks. You can observe it in the way they look at each other. The question is, what happens when the initial “romance” wears off, the sexual tension fades, and what’s left are two human beings who now have to keep working at it if they…

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