My favourite things……


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

Ah, Sound of Music! One of my favourite musicals of all time. I know every line of every song, and when I watch the movie, I instantly become sixteen again and I’m hanging onto Julie Andrews’ every word of advice in the “I am sixteen going on seventeen” reprise. No matter how many times I’ve watched it, I still makes me laugh. I root for Captain Von Trapp and Maria and every time it makes me believe in the whole good-natured idea of love.

Watching it, is like a burst of summer sun through your window – It just makes you feel good.

A dose of feel good, something everyone needs from time to time to remember why we rush around like lunatics, work till our eyes hurt, persevere when we really just don’t want to fight another time. It can be an apocalypse out there when you simply don’t have the energy or the will to try to see the beauty of life through all the craziness anymore.

Maybe it’s as simple as remembering your “favourite things”. Maybe it’s worth it to remember what makes you happy: Your favourite things might just be the extra burst of energy, the hand out of the darkness, the warmth in the cold. Maybe remembering your favourite things is the tool that helps you today to be your extraordinary self, instead of being someone’s version of your ordinary self.

Here are a list of my favourite things that get me going, comment and share your favourite things and remember to take a minute to induldge in them every now and again – It keeps you going

Lazy summer afternoons outside, blue summer skies, sunny mornings….SUMMER in general

A cup after a long or difficult day = Heavan

Late night conversations:
Late night conversations with a best friend or someone close usually means a lot of laughter or insight

There is nothing like buying a pretty dress and feeling like a real lady or a Disney princess

Service to others:  
Helping anyone in any way reminds me about the true purpose of life

Random ideas, dates or get-together’s make the most amazing memories

Adrenaline Rush:
A swim in the ocean, riding bike, going on a rollercoaster….getting the blood going is the best way to
feel alive.

A Good book:
Nothing like reading something that makes you want to keep reading or captures your imagination or
that makes you think. Words capture something inside you that nothing else can.

Dancing in my room while brushing my teeth or getting ready:
No one is EVER TOO OLD to dance around in your pj’s to a good tune while getting ready. It sets you
up in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Remember to have a day filled with your favourite things….. Being happy makes everything else seem worth it!


Cover me crazy

Everyone complains about getting older: wrinkles lining the eyes, metabolism slowing down, needing more sleep…. But like with everything else in life there is a plus side too. Getting older is really nice in the sense of knowing who you are, what you want and where you are going. The teenage urgency to fit in, and be “mainstream” disappears into the knowing that the general population can accept you for who and what you are, and that it can even be appreciated.

You reach that point in life where you get….comfortable. You have a person in your life who seems to fit into the “one-day” picture you have in you head. You feel like you’ve met all the people your going to meet in this small town and that you know exactly which friends you can call for a good time, and which you can call to bring over hot chocolate and tissues.  You know your own weak and strong suits. You know which places you want to go and visit when you have enough money. You know which issues grates you to the bone, and what makes you happy. You feel in control and like it’s a kind off summer bliss all year round…. Until that one random day after all this time

Life suddenly screams at you loudly and shakes you down to your core, asking you if you can actually defend those beliefs with good reason. Life challenging you to THINK about what it is you really want and if you want what you’ve got. It’s a big ask for most people who enjoy new experiences but mostly still want to go home and recline in that well-worn chair that moulds perfectly to their body, even if their could be a new chair that sits even better.

I recently had life on my case trying to make me look in the mirror and face the question marks written in the margin of my eyes. Apparently when one contemplates big life changing decisions and need time to think YouTube becomes a closer friend – watching “funny cat videos”, “fail” compilations, “X-factor USA auditions”, “how to” tutorials and random movie clips. One of the things that also came up was “covers”, and that lead me to a revelation (apparently YouTube does have some insights)………

There are some songs that you just don’t like, and when they come up on the radio you turn the volume softer, until you hear a cover of the song: Sung in a different way by a different person, it actually makes you want to dance, sing along or turn the radio up. So, I remembered that I simply forgot everything in life is about perspective. Which glasses you choose to wear to view the world, or problem or challenge.

Posting my a few of the covers I enjoyed, hoping they will make you turn the radio up on your challenge or problem and make you face that mirror without fear.

P.s. Covers posted aren’t of songs I didn’t like, I just really loved the different take on the original song.

1. XO by Beyoncè covered by John Mayer

2. Dark horse by Katty Perry covered by Megan Davies

3. You’re the one that I want by Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta covered by Angus and Julia Stone

4. Nick of time by Bon Iver covered by Justin Vernon

5. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons covered by Daughtry

6. New York State of Mind by Billy Joel covered by Glee

7. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac covered by The Dixie Chicks

8. Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray covered by Miley Cyrus

9. All I want by Kodaline covered by Ellie Goulding

10.  Let me love you by Neyo covered by Jacob Artist